Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 6

Trace Beaulieu is best known for his work on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the role of Dr. Clayton Forrester for the show’s first eight seasons, as well as the voice of Crow T. Robot. Following Beaulieu’s departure from MST3K, he became a writer for America’s Funniest Home Videos and starred in the 2010 game Darkstar: The Interactive Movie. In 2007, Beaulieu began working with fellow former MST3K cast member Joel Hodgson on another movie riffing series called Cinematic Titanic, and he continues to tour with Cinematic Titanic to this day. It should also be noted that both Beaulieu and Hodgson were regular cast members on Freaks and Geeks. Trace Beaulieu turns 54 today – he’s a naughty boy! Naughty naughty naughty!

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