Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 7

If I could describe Morgan Spurlock’s documentary style, it would be thusly: cross Sacha Baron Cohen with Michael Moore, then sprinkle with a dash of Jackass. Spurlock loves to put himself in the spotlight while doing ludicrous and/or grotesque things…all the while using his antics as commentary on the state of the world. His first media endeavour was the creation of the show I Bet You Will for MTV, in which contestants were paid to eat disgusting things. Spurlock then rose to prominence in 2004 with his documentary Super Size Me, which both chronicles the effects fast food has on his body if it’s the only thing he eats, as well as the history of fast food in America. His follow-up film Where in the World is Osama Bind Laden was released in 2008, and in it Spurlock examines the war on terrorism while cheekily trying to find Bin Laden. Spurlock’s other works include The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope, The Dotted Line, Mansome, and the series 30 Days. Morgan Spurlock turns 42 today. I wonder if he’ll got to McDonald’s.

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