Celebrity Birthday of the Day – November 13

You know him, you love him: it’s Atreyu’s birthday! His people hunt the purple buffalo! Okay, okay, so it’s actually Noah Hathaway’s birthday – the actor who played Atreyu – and guys, I’ve gotta say, Mr. Hathaway here is responsible for a whole lot of nostalgia in my little Gill heart. I’ve seen The Neverending Story so many times that I’ve lost count. It was one of the first movies that I ever classified as my favourite, and it remains a treasure of my childhood to this day. His role in The Neverending Story is undoubtedly his best known role, but Noah Hathaway has done quite a bit of acting beyond that film, having appeared as Boxey on the original series of BattleStar Galactica and in movies such as Troll and the more recent Sushi Girl. He doesn’t act as much as he used to, instead focusing on martial arts training, customizing chopper motorcycles, and supersport motorcycle racing. Yup, he’s still a badass. Noah Hathaway turns 41. Come at me, Gmork! I AM ATREYU!

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