We have a situation

A former LAPD cop turned sheriff of a small border town finds himself standing between the world’s most notorious drug kingpin and freedom in Mexico after he escapes from an FBI prisoner convoy.

Ever since I found myself severely let down by the first Expendables movie, I’ve been hesitant to get invested in any of the revival movies featuring 80’s action stars. Even though The Expendables 2 was actually pretty fun, I still find myself sneering a bit when I see that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new action movie coming out that’s clearing trying to cash in on his 80’s action star cred. That being said, this red band trailer for The Last Stand actually does look like a lot of mindless fun. Final analysis: I’ll see this movie, but I don’t expect anything of it. Here’s hoping it surprises me.

The Last Stand comes out January 18, 2013.

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