Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 11

Darren Lynn Bousman has made quite the name for himself as a cult director, and is apparently one of the youngest horror directors of all time. After graduating from the film studies program at Full Sail University in Florida, Bousman began pitching an idea for a film called The Desperate to American studios, who dismissed it because it was too similar in plot to the movie Saw. After the producers of Saw read the script, however, they saw it as perfect material for a sequel and signed Bousman on to direct. Bousman then proceeded to direct not only Saw II, but also Saw III and Saw IV as well. Following Saw IV, Bousman decided to leave the franchise to direct a dream project of his – a movie adaptation of his cult stage musical Repo! The Genetic Opera. He also directed the remake of Mother’s Day, the horror film 11-11-11, and another cult musical with Repo! collaborator Terrance Zdunich titled The Devil’s Carnival. Darren Lynn Bousman turns 34 today.


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