Before They Were Stars: 13-Year Old Helen Hunt on “Ark II”

It’s become a fun tradition here at The Back Row for me to do “Before They Were Stars” features on the Academy Award nominees shortly after they’ve been announced. Even though she is a former Oscar winner, Helen Hunt’s acting appearances have been pretty sporadic these past years, but she returned with a vengeance this year to pick up a “Best Supporting Actress” nod for her performance in The Sessions. A lot of people forget that she was a former child actress and that this is officially her 40th year in the profession. Before her rather infamous drug-induced plunge out of a window in an old ABC Afterschool Special, 13-year old Helen appeared on an episode of a 1970s sci-fi series called Ark II. It was basically the story of Noah’s Ark, retold in a post-apocalyptic 25th century… only this time, the Noah character has a friggin’ jetpack!

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