Celebrity Birthday of the Day – February 1

Brandon Lee was the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who died of cerebral edema when Brandon was onle six years old. Brandon Lee began acting in 1985, when he got his first role in Kung Fu: The Movie, a made-for-TV movie that was a quasi-sequel to the 1970s TV show starring David Carradine. Lee then went on to make a handful of films, including Laser Mission, Showdown in Little Tokyo, and Rapid Fire, before playing the role that would make him famous, but would also be his last: that of Eric Draven in the 1992 film The Crow. During production, Lee was shot and killed when a prop gun misfired. The film was completed using digital trickery and body doubles, and was released with a dedication to Brandon Lee. He was 28 when he died.

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