Celebrity Birthday of the Day – January 31

Paul Scheer is the host of one of my favourite podcasts right now: How Did This Get Made, the podcast that tries to make sense of the movies that make no sense. Scheer got his start as a member of New York’s longest running Off-Broadway comedy show Chicago City Limits. In 1998, Scheer joined the popular comedy troupe the Upright Citizens Brigade. Scheer continued his stint with Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles when he moved there in 2006, and since then Scheer has also begun appearing in movies and television, including films such as School for Scoundrels, The Onion Movie, Meet Dave, Bride Wars, Year One, and Pirahna 3DD. He’s also appeared on TV shows such as 30 Rock, Human Giant, Reno 911!, Parks and Recreation, Party Down, and Childrens Hospital. But for me, it’s all about How Did This Get Made! Paul Scheer turns 37 today.

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