Alice in Oz

I feel bad ripping on the latest Sam Raimi properties (the Evil Dead remake and Oz the Great and Powerful, both out this year), because I really love the guy’s work. The original Evil Dead trilogy were some of the first horror movies I truly adored, Spider-Man 2 is a terrific superhero film, and even the more recent Drag Me To Hell was awesome! But man, I can’t say as I like the look of the new movies he’s working on. Oz the Great and Powerful looks to be an overdose of CGI and 3D gimmick shots, James Franco is really hamming up his role, and it’s not even a musical! What’s the big deal with that, I hear you ask? I kinda feel like if you’re going to make a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, one of the most-watched movie musicals in cinema history, then you might as well stay true to it, right? Ugh, I bet this is going to be a mess in the same way as Tim Burton’s flavourless, soulless Alice in Wonderland. And if you think I’m crazy, click here to read about how they crammed in all the CGI monkey that the movie could possibly hold. Oh well. At least Mila Kunis still rocks.

Oz the Great and Powerful comes out March 8, 2013.

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