Celebrity Birthday of the Day – March 6

It’s hard to believe, but at the time of this writing the guy who played the nerdy Eugene in Grease actually has more credits on his filmography than the star John Travolta! Grease was one of Eddie Deezen’s first credits, and it’s still one of his most famous. Prior to Grease, Deezen had only appeared in the films Laserblast and I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Following the success of Grease, Deezen began to appear in notable films such as 1941, Wargames, and Critters 2, and was one of only a handful of cast members to return for Grease 2. Other notable credits on Deezen’s resume include Follow That Bird, Rock-A-Doodle, Spy Hard, The Polar Express, Punky Brewster, Darkwing Duck, Eek! the Cat, Duckman, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Weird Al Show, and Kim Possible. Eddie Deezen turns 56 today.


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