Before They Were Stars: The Undertaker Wrestles as “The Punisher”

I’ve already paid tribute to Paul Bearer, the legendary wrestling manager who passed away a few days ago. Of course, Bearer found fame by managing The Undertaker in the World Wrestling Federation for so many years. However, what many people don’t know is that Bearer previously managed the future Undertaker, Mark Calaway, on two separate occasions before they joined forces in the WWF. Bearer spent the 1980s working as a manager in different territories under the persona, “Percy Pringle”. Pringle was at ringside to manage Calaway when he wrestled his very first career match as the masked “Texas Red” in World Class Championship Wrestling. Five years later, Calaway returned to the promotion to be managed by Percy Pringle again. This time, he wrestled under a mask as “The Punisher”. So, yes, here’s your chance to see Paul Bearer as a blonde and The Undertaker looking like The Gimp from Pulp Fiction!

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