Before They Were Stars: The Audition Tape Version

Just over a month ago, the NBC show Today did a segment where representatives from Julien’s Auction House showcased some rare, never-before-seen audition tapes that had been donated to them by an anonymous casting director. These tapes featured future celebrities auditioning for roles before they were famous and were going to be auctioned off for thousands of dollars. They included a young Leonardo DiCaprio auditioning for a role in the short-lived TV series version of The Outsiders and Brad Pitt auditioning for the role that Billy Baldwin ultimately received in the Ron Howard film, Backdraft. However, the Screen Actor’s Guild quickly stepped in to block the auctioning of these tapes. Personally, I don’ t know why anyone would pay thousands of dollars to watch them when you can just watch thousands of “Before They Were Stars” clips for free here at The Back Row!

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