Thought you said you were a musician.

So far this year, I haven’t seen a lot of strong contenders for the next Oscars, but if I had to pick one movie that I think will get multiple nominations and sweep the Best Song category, it’d be Inside Llewyn Davis. The Coen brothers are just such masters of cinema that I’m already sold on this completely. Great sounding music, a beautiful, bleak colour palette, and what looks to be a slew of good performances from actors who we haven’t gotten much out of otherwise. I mean, I liked Timberlake well enough in The Social Network, but I think he’s going to be excellent here, and Garrett Hedlund needs something to wash the taste of Tron Legacy from everyone’s mouths (I actually liked that movie, though). Oscar Isaacs is due for a big role like this to push him into full-blown leading man status, and of course John Goodman and Carey Mulligan are going to be terrific too. I’ll eat my hat if this turns out to be a dud.

Inside Llewyn Davis comes out December 6, 2013.

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