Celebrity Birthday of the Day – July 22

2002 MTV Movie Awards - ArrivalsConsidering her breakthrough film was Run Lola Run, I’d say it’s only appropriate that Franka Potente’s career as an actress hit the ground running. Lola Rennt was only her fourth film, but it instantly earned Potente international acclaim, and two years later she reunited with director Tom Tykwer for the film The Princess and the Warrior. In 2001, Potente made the transition to English-language films with the movies Blow and Storytelling, and in 2002 she appeared in The Bourne Identity, a role which she reprised in the sequel The Bourne Supremacy. Additionally, she has started appearing on American television on episodes of House, Psych and American Horror Story: Asylum. Franka Potente turns 39 today.


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