+1 has the perfect title for sequels

I can’t decide what to think about +1, a time loop-ish movie about three friends at a party who experience some sort of reality glitch and end up at the same party with their doppelgangers. What does it mean?! The hook is interesting enough, and appears to address the question that was never answered in the movie Another Earth: what would it be like to have sex with your duplicate? It’s about time someone got around to doing that on film. Anyway, +1 has all the trappings of a low-budget time warp movie – namely a single location setting and cast of mostly unknowns – which means it’s a total gamble. It could be awesome like Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel or lame like that movie Repeaters that no one remembers because it was so unremarkable. Either way, it’s perfectly poised for sequels. +2, anyone?

+1 comes out September 20, 2013.

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