Gill Goes to Burning Man 2013

After spending far too long in the editing room (I don’t really have an excuse as to why it took me so long), I have finally completed the video depicting my trip to Burning Man 2013! And what a wild trip it was.

Some highlights to watch for – some of these go by fast, so keep your eyes peeled: Super Street Fire, Riskee Ball, The Flamethrower Shooting Gallery, Rock Inferno, and Dance Dance Immolation (that falling piano is flattening their gear at the end of the festival), all part of the Charcade. The Dust City Diner, where drag queen waitresses serve grilled cheese sandwiches and boozy coffee as Patsy Cline plays on the radio. The Hug Deli, where you can get hugs, kisses and spankings in exchange for compliments. The Death Guild Thunderdome, where I saw a guy get a broken rib. Orphan Endorphin, The 7 Deadly Gins, and V.I.C.E. (the Vietnamese Iced Coffee Experience) – some of my favourite camps that I frequented. The Gathering of Hunter S. Thompsons, a.k.a. the Hunter Gathering. Me and Mike “Longship” beer jousting. And, of course, the Man in all his glory. Enjoy!

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