Shouts From the Back Row – Episode 144 – Don’tcha Know I’m Bruce Willis?


Why you tryin’ to hurt me, girl? Die Hard 6: Die Hardest has been announced, and since we gave another aging Hollywood star the Shouts From the Back Row treatment on last week’s episode, we figured that the time is right to shine a spotlight on Bruce Willis. It’s impossible to deny that Willis is one of the most famous action stars of past few decades, but in recent years it seems like he’s just stopped caring about the films he chooses (with a few exceptions). So on this episode, Gill, Robin and TK count down their top 3 favourite Bruce Willis movies, discuss the worst Willis films, and ponder whether or not old Bruce should throw in the towel. Click here to download the episode!

Music for this week’s podcast comes from Wreck & Salvage. Click here to visit their Youtube channel, and be sure to watch the awesome Bruce Willis tribute that they put together!

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