“Pics of Bugs and Facts”: An Article from a 9-Year Old Future Cracked Writer


Well, this is a definite first for The Back Row, folks: we now have a published article here which was put together by a nine-year old! The following article is a special request fromĀ Karl Smallwood, who has published over 50 articles for Cracked.com. Karl recently discovered that his 9-year old sister, Jamie Middleton, researched and put together her own little article about bugs and has asked if some of his fellow Cracked writers would post Jamie’s article on their websites or personal blogs, so that she could have her first official taste of being published. Of course, The Back Row is more than happy to provide exposure for potential young writers and if Jamie Middleton becomes famous someday, we’ll gladly take credit for discovering her. If you want to leave a message for her, feel free to visit Karl Smallwood’s blog.

Click below to see the entire article…



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