Daddy, where’s the Clown?

Of all the movies that I have followed on TBR since the site’s inception, Clown has by far the best story behind it. I’m not talking about the plot – a guy turning into a demon clown and eating kids is great, though – I’m talking about how this movie started life as a phony trailer made by Jon Watts a few years ago. In a cheeky move, Watts slapped Eli Roth’s name on the trailer, and after seeing it, Roth actually agreed to produce a feature film based on it! Now, as if all of that wasn’t wacky enough, Clown was shot in TBR’s hometown of Ottawa, Canada, and none other than Yours Truly had a chance to work on the film in a minor capacity (I helped assemble the behind-the-scenes stuff for the DVD). It’s so strange to think that this movie started its life right around the same time as The Back Row in 2010, and now, years later, it’s getting a release…and I worked on it. Mind-blowing, dude.

Anyway, if you’re scared of clowns, this movie is definitely not for you. Yikes, dude.

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