The Final Member

I am not a religious man. I don’t worship a god, or the sun, or Joe Pesci (bonus points if you got that reference). But I might just have to start worshiping Drafthouse Films, because they have never released a dud. Every single film that I’ve seen distributed under their label has been amazing, and several shot directly into my favourites of all time. Whether they’re re-releasing lost grindhouse classics like Ms. 45 or The Visitor, distributing new and amazing weirdness like The FP or I Declare War, or giving genuinely impactful films like The Act of Killing a voice, they have never steered me wrong so far.

And that brings us to this new documentary born out of a partnership between Drafthouse Films and VICE. A documentary about the world’s largest collection of preserved penises, and the race between two men to become the first human penis in the collection. WHAAAAAAT?! I hope people remember this one come Oscar time 2015.

The Final Member comes out on VOD April 18, 2014.

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