He’s after our bounty.

The Back Row’s countdown to the release of Jupiter Ascending continues! We’re now 112 days away from this movie being unleashed upon theatres, and we’ve got a new trailer to boot. Of course, this trailer doesn’t give me any further indication as to the quality of the film. Unlike most people, I didn’t completely hate The Matrix: Revolutions or Speed Racer (both films were fine, but not great), so in my eyes the Wachowskis have a pretty solid body of zany genre work. But Channing Tatum as a kung fu space elf with rockt boots? I tell ya, if it was anybody else behind the camera on this film, I’d be immediately decrying it as a turd sandwich. But there remains a chance that this will surprise us all. The production design certainly looks spectacular. July can’t come soon enough. *drums fingers*

Jupiter Ascending comes out July 18, 2014.

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