Before They Were Stars: The Undertaker Wrestles as “The Master of Pain”

This weekend, the Undertaker will be putting his 21-0 undefeated Wrestlemania streak on the line when he goes up against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30. Given that he has now portrayed the Undertaker for over 23 years, it’s amazing to think that Mark Calaway went through a number of different gimmicks in the early years of his career before he found his calling. In addition to his less-than-memorable personas of “Texas Red”¬†and “The Punisher”, Calaway¬†had a run in Memphis in 1989 where he wrestled as “The Master of Pain”. After watching this clip, all I can say is THANK GOD that Mark Calaway barely spoke and had Paul Bearer to talk for him when he made it to the WWF because he delivers one of the most nervous and awkward interviews I’ve ever heard here.

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