Before They Were Stars: 13-Year Old Jimmy Page Performs on a BBC Talent Show

Long before Led Zeppelin was a thing, Jimmy Page made his first television appearance at the age of 13 in a band which… well, was about as far from Led Zeppelin as you can get. In 1957, Page played guitar on a BBC talent program¬†called All Your Own and his band performed the¬†world-renowned musical classic, “Mama Don’t Wanna Skiffle Anymore”. In case you’re wondering, skiffle was a combination of jazz, blues and folk music which was very popular in Britain during the 1950s, but needless to day, the genre didn’t have much staying power. Anyway, when Jimmy is interviewed during this segment, he says that he plans to go into biological research and find a cure for cancer, but needless to say, he found a much different career path.

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