Before They Were Stars: Jon Favreau in “Batman Forever”

We recently recorded a Shouts From the Back Row podcast on the career of Jon Favreau and discussed how he had an early credit in his filmography as “Assistant” in Batman Forever. None of us had any clue which role he played in the film, but I’ve done my research and discovered that his role is completely insignificant. During the scene where Bruce Wayne meets Edward Nygma, you can see Favreau in the background for a few seconds as part of Bruce’s entourage. Favreau is pretty much nothing more than a glorified extra in this scene and given that extras generally don’t receive screen credit, I’m guess he might have originally had some dialogue which got left on the cutting room floor. But, yeah, hard to believe that insignificant¬†guy in the background would go on to launch the Iron Man franchise.

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