Before They Were Stars: Richard Kiel Dances with the Monkees

I’m sad to report that Richard Kiel, a.k.a. the quintessential James Bond henchman, Jaws,┬áhas just passed away at the age of 74. Even though the seven-foot tall Kiel was best known for portraying Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, he actually worked pretty steadily since the early 1960s and acted in a wide variety of projects. Of course, one of Kiel’s earliest and most infamous roles was playing a caveman in Eegah, which is regarded as one of the most hilariously bad movies of all time. However, in terms of pure weirdness, Eegah actually has a bit of competition with this episode of The Monkees TV series, where Kiel plays a Frankenstein-esque monster who has the Monkees’ musical ability transferred into him. So, yeah, here’s a rare chance to see the usually silent Richard Kiel singing and dancing. R.I.P.

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