Before They Were Stars: Crispin Glover on “Crisis Counselor”

Awhile back, footage¬†was uncovered of a young Bryan Cranston on an obscure Lifetime series¬†called Crisis Counselor, a “reality show” from the early 1980s in which people met with a counselor to discuss their personal problems. Since Cranston was playing a bisexual husband named “Sam”, you kinda get the feeling that all the stories presented on Crisis Counselor weren’t exactly on the up-and-up. Well, believe it or not, here’s footage of another well-known actor playing a “patient” on this show as 18-year old Crispin Glover appears as a teenager whose mother is struggling with alcoholism. As a warning, the original master tape of this episode must be seriously screwed up since the whole thing plays at high speed and all the characters sound like The Chipmunks. However, the combination of Crispin Glover and all these high-pitched voices only add a touch of surrealism to the whole thing.

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