Before They Were Stars: Bryan Cranston as a Bisexual Husband on “Crisis Counselor”

The clip of Aaron Paul’s “Before They Were Stars” appearance as a contestant on The Price is Right went viral last week, and now the same thing is bound to happen to his Breaking Bad co-star Bryan Cranston. Footage has been unearthed of Cranston’s first official TV appearance from 1982 on a Lifetime show called Crisis Counselor, and this one is so obscure that it’s not even listed on Cranston’s IMDb page. But then, I don’t think he was ever supposed to tell anyone that this was an “acting” appearance. From the looks of things, Crisis Counselor was a reality TV show made before there was reality TV, as each episode would feature a group of people sitting down with a crisis counselor to discuss their problems. In this episode, a marriage is on the rocks because a bisexual husband named “Sam” is having an affair with another man behind his pregnant wife’s back, and since “Sam” seems to look an awful lot like Bryan Cranston, I have a sneaky feeling that the crisises portrayed on this show were not 100 % legitimate.

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