Before They Were Stars: 12-Year Old Mila Kunis in “Santa With Muscles”

Three years ago, I wrote a column about the weirdest Christmas movies of all time and reserved a spot for Santa With Muscles, the infamous 1996 holiday movie where Hulk Hogan is bumped on the head and gets amnesia while disguised in a Santa Claus suit, causing him to believe he is the real Santa Claus. As probably know, 12-year old Mila Kunis had one of her earliest roles in Santa With Muscles and it seems like every single year, I have made an attempt to find a clip of her in the film without a success. But this year, success has finally been achieved. Sure, Mila is only in this clip for a few seconds, but it’s worth watching just for the bizarre reaction from Don Stark (Mila’s future co-star on That 70s Show) to an epic slow motion shot of Hulk Hogan drinking a glass of milk.

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