A “Gremlins 2” Joke Comes True

You probably know that we here at The Back Row are huge fans of Gremlins 2: The New Batch, one of the most criminally underrated sequels of all time. One of my favourite gags in the film is when billionaire Ted Turner-esque media mogul Daniel Clamp plays a video which his cable network has prepared for the end of civilization. Should a doomsday scenario (or gremlin apocalypse) occur, Clamp’s network will have this video in the queue in order to sign off the air permanently. In the DVD commentary, director Joe Dante said this gag was based on an urban legend. A real news network apparently had their own doomsday video prepared in order to have a permanent sign-off when the world came to an end. Well, nearly 25 years later, this actual doomsday video has finally leaked out onto the Internet, and surprise, surprise, it was prepared by Ted Turner for CNN! Hilariously enough, the real video showcases a band playing the exact same song the musicians played before the¬†ship sank in Titanic. This turn of events is just another reason why Gremlins 2 is awesome!


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