My ISP has sabotaged my ability to post

In the video above, I’m the big guy, and my ISP is the dude with the blonde bangs. Yesterday, for no good reason, Primus Canada cancelled my home internet service. I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get it restored, but to no avail. Here’s what happened: At the end of last month, I asked Primus to cancel my home phone line, but keep my internet service operational. They did the exact opposite: now my home phone line works, but I have no internet! So posting will be a bit sporadic over the next little while as I try to rectify this situation. But ugh, what a pain in the ass. If Primus doesn’t get me back online lickety-split, you can bet I’ll be boycotting them to an extreme.

Stay tuned for more updates from me. At least Robin can keep posting!

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