Before They Were Stars: Seth Rollins Wrestles Homoerotic Matches in “Cyberfights”

Note: This is the first time I’ve ever done a front page re-post of an old “Before They Were Stars” feature, but since Wrestlemania 31 is in the books and Seth Rollins closed out the event by winning the WWE World Title, I feel this needs to be shared again. Here is the bizarre origin story of your current WWE champion…

If you’re not a pro wrestling fan, you might not be familiar with Seth Rollins, but he is currently one of World Wrestling Entertainment’s top rising stars and in the midst of a huge main event push. I’ve been following Rollins’ career for years, ever since he wrestled as “Tyler Black” in the Ring of Honor promotion, but this… I really have no idea what to make of this! When he was still an unknown, the future Seth Rollins made some appearances in a DVD series called Cyberfights. From what I gather, Cyberfights appears to be some sort of fetish wrestling series, where guys will wrestle matches inside an empty studio while performing deliberately exaggerated homoerotic moves. There’s nothing sexually explicit here per se (hence why there are clips available on Youtube), but if you were to watch this match with your eyes closed, it would definitely sound like you’re watching a gay porn. And, yes, Rollins has a pretty visible boner inside those ultra-skimpy tights he’s wearing.

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