Fear The Walking Dead

God. Damn it.

I gave up on the TV series of The Walking Dead years ago. I got sick of all the stupid decisions the characters (and the people producing the show) kept making, so after the third season, I just quit. The comics and the TellTale video games are still awesome, though, and because there is still a preponderance of good Walking Dead media, I actually had high hopes for the spinoff TV series that was in the works. Fear The Walking Dead has the potential to be the Walking Dead TV show that I’ve always wanted, since it’s untethered from the comics and allows for a whole new zombie survival story to be told. But now I see this first teaser, and it’s the most generic zombie thing ever made. Ugh. I’ll watch the pilot, but my hopes for this one are at an all-time low.

Fear The Walking Dead starts summer of 2015.

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