Before They Were Stars: Dan Castellaneta on “Married with Children”

During my childhood, I remember watching a pretty eye-opening episode of Married with ChildrenĀ in which Peg Bundy considers having an affair with another man. Al Bundy is then shocked to find out that this other man is a homosexual when the guy’s husband shows up at his house. Since this guy seems to be a better wife than Peg ever was, you get the sense that Al is almost ready to switch teams. Needless to say, my innocent young mind had never seen anything like this on television before. When I revisited this episode many years later, it blew my mind to learn that the homosexual husband was played by the future Homer Simpson himself, Dan Castellaneta. So, yeah, here’s a rare to see Homer Simpson and Al Bundy on the same screen together with barely simmering romantic tension.

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