Before They Were Stars: Harrison Ford as a Hippie in “Love, American Style”

Even though Harrison Ford is now 72 years old and looks it, it was hard not to get excited when he made his first appearance as Han Solo in this week’s teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So I feel it’s only appropriate to turn the clock back 46 years and showcase a much younger Harrison Ford making an early acting appearance in an episode of Love, American Style, a comedy anthology TV series which showcased numerous self-contained stories involving romance. In this one, Ford plays a hippie who helps convince a bickering married couple not to get a divorce and, man, is it weird to see Harrison Ford delivering corny jokes to a canned laugh track. Fun fact: when Ford heard he was going to play a hippie, he apparently showed up on set with long hair and a beard, but was told to get a haircut and shave it off since the look did not suit him at all.

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