True Survivor

I’m still waiting for Kung Fury, the awesome 80’s-styled kung fu sci-fi fantasy time travel movie that was crowdfunded last year. Now that Kickstarter has been around for a while, it’s all too common for projects that were funded to completely drop off the map, and I really hope Kung Fury isn’t one of those projects. Thankfully it seems like progress is being made on the movie, as I recently stumbled upon this music video. That’s right: David Hasselhoff himself is going to be singing the movie’s theme song True Survivor, and damn if it isn’t the most 80’s thing I’ve seen all year (so far). Even if Kung Fury falls apart, at least we got this out of it.

Oh, and here’s a second teaser for the movie that I found. No idea if it’s legit, but there’s a bit of new footage in there.

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