Vacation (Redux)

Isn’t it refreshing when a franchise that derailed from a R-rated classic to a PG-rated dud returns to its roots? The new Vacation is pilfering a page from the 21 Jump Street book on updating foregone properties. The sample dialogue of “the new vacation will stand on its own” is a tad too self-referential but it disarms any criticism of not honoring the past. While Chevy Chase may be a pariah nowadays, it’s splendid to see him reprise his role in this which lends it legitimacy. Ed Helms is a perfect straight-man foil for the high-jinx around him (ala his square role in the Hangover trilogy) but his ribald knowledge is too inconsistent during this trailer. He is oblivious of a “rim job” but he is aware of a “glory hole”? Furthermore, I’m not a devout fan of scatological humor which is why the “Griswold springs” scene elicited groans. Anyway the last gag which subverts the Christie Brinkley sequence in the original is downright uproarious. Overall I’m cautiously mixed.

Vacation comes out July 29, 2015.

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