Before They Were Stars: Mel Gibson in “Summer City”

In tribute to this past weekend’s release of Mad Max: Fury Road, I thought I’d post the original trailer for a 1977 Australian film named Summer City, which happened to be Mel Gibson’s screen debut and was made two years before he became Mad Max. In fact, it also happened to be the film debut of Steve Bisley, who went on to play Max’s partner, Jim Goose, in the first Mad Max film. Summer City is a low-budget thriller about four surfers who unwittingly become involved in a murder and even though Gibson is technically only the fourth-billed actor in the cast, his face is plastered all over the cover of the video releases. The most interesting element of Summer City is probably its IMDb page. Seriously, if you go to the “user reviews” section, you’ll actually see comments from the original director, who complains about what a disastrous experience making the film was, and a rebuttal from one of the producers.

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