Before They Were Stars: Carla Gugino on “Ferris Bueller: The TV Series”

You’re probably familiar with the infamous short-lived Ferris Bueller TV series and how Jennifer Aniston had her first major role on the show as Ferris’ sister. Well, today, I have decided to post an entire episode of Ferris Bueller┬ábecause it features an early role for 19-year old Carla Gugino, who plays Cameron’s girlfriend. Yes, Cameron actually got himself a girlfriend! However, she happens to have a hardass police officer father who doesn’t approve of her relationship with Cameron (he does have a tendency of trashing expensive Ferraris, after all), so Ferris comes up with the bright idea of pretending to be the girl’s new boyfriend, so she and Cameron can continue to see other covertly. Of course, all sorts of wacky shenanigans ensue! You will probably recognize the father as the late David Graf, who played Tackleberry in the Police Academy movies and was pretty much typecast as a hardass police officer in virtually every other project that came out of Hollywood during this time period.

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