Before They Were Stars: Christopher Lee in “They Were Not Divided”

One of our most legendary actors, Christopher Lee, passed away the other day at age 93, after amassing a filmography of over 280 credits and living a more interesting life than any of us could ever dream of. I tried to dig up the earliest Christopher Lee footage I could find and wound up with this clip from a 1950 World War II film called They Were Not Divided, which only seems appropriate since Lee spent a portion of the war serving in a special forces unit which hunted down Nazi war criminals (see what I mean about him living an interesting life?). Anyway, another notable thing about They Were Not Divided is that it was directed by Terence Young, who would go on to make three out of the first four James Bond films. It also featured another unknown actor whom Young would remember and cast in a small role in From Russia With Love, which evolved into a character who would appear in nearly every single 007 film for the next 30 years. Yep, here’s the future Q himself, Desmond Llewellyn.

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