Before They Were Stars: 17-Year Old Seth Green Performs at an NFL Halftime Show

Before he was a famous actor, it appears that Seth Green was the 1991 equivalent of an Internet meme. That year, the 17-year old Green appeared in a commercial for a fast-food chain called Snapps in which he played an obnoxious drive-thru employee who continuously yelled out “cha-ching!” while taking an order. Apparently, the “cha-ching!” catchphrase became pretty popular for awhile and even became the rallying cry for the New Orleans Saints, so much so that Seth actually made an appearance during the halftime show of one of their games and got this entire news segment devoted to him. Luckily for Seth, he soon went on to much bigger things as it would have been pretty sad if being the “cha-ching!” guy was his biggest legacy.

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