Before They Were Stars: Scott Baio in “Stoned”

I’m not sure if this technically counts as a “Before They Were Stars” since Scott Baio was already on Happy Days¬†when this was made, but fuck it, any episode of ABC Afterschool Special which allows Scott Baio to channel Reefer Madness deserves to be posted here. This particular episode is titled “Stoned” and stars Baio as a nerdy teenager who starts on a downward spiral after (you guessed it!) smoking marijuana. Watch a stoned Scott Baio morph into the class clown at school, devour an entire carton of ice cream, and nearly cause his brother to drown after whacking him on the head with an oar! Believe it or not, Baio actually earned himself an Emmy nomination for this performance, as I guess the Emmy voters didn’t heed this special’s anti-drug message.

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