Before They Were Stars: Alex Rocco on “Batman”

Character actor Alex Rocco passed away this past weekend at the age of 79 after a 50-year career in which he amassed a filmography of over 160 credits. Rocco is probably best known for his portrayal of Moe Greene in The Godfather and voicing “Itchy & Scratchy” producer Roger Myers, Jr. on numerous¬†episodes of The Simpsons, but he’s actually got quite an interesting backstory. Rocco spent his youth in organized crime as a member of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang, but turned his life around¬†and became an actor in the 1960s after being mentored by none other than the late Leonard Nimoy. One of Rocco’s earliest acting gigs was playing a henchman on two episodes of the Batman TV series. These episodes are notable for featuring a crossover with The Green Hornet and Kato, which means that Batman and Bruce Lee once participated in a fight sequence together! You can Rocco in the background of this scene, looking on in wide-eyed awe.

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