Before They Were Stars: Rachel Weisz in “Death Machine”

In 1994, Brad Dourif starred in an obscure British-made sci-fi oddity entitled Death Machine, helmed by Stephen Norrington, the future director of Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The story takes place in the none-too-accurate apocalyptic future of 2003 and revolves around a robotic killing machine, and it features some none-too-subtle references to other famous films. They are actually characters named “Weyland” and “Yutani”, along with “Scott Ridley”, “Sam Raimi” and “John Carpenter” (portrayed by the same actor who played Porkins in Star Wars!). Believe it or not, Death Machine is also notable for containing the screen debut of future Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz, who has a minor role early on as “Junior Executive”.

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