Before They Were Stars: 16-Year Old LeBron James in a News Segment

I really don’t follow basketball or pay much attention to LeBron James’ career, but on the basis of his hilarious scene-stealing performance in Trainwreck, I’d really love to see the guy become an actor after his playing days are done and, yes, I’d even watch him in Space Jam 2. Anyway, LeBron was such a highly touted prospect during his time at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School that a plethora of news segments were produced about this future superstar during his teen years. This one, filmed when LeBron was 16, is particularly amusing for two reasons: 1) LeBron’s afro, and 2) At the 1:30 mark, I had to triple-check to make sure LeBron wasn’t saying: “When I get out on the court, sometimes I masturbate”.

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