Before They Were Stars: Kane Wrestles Sting as “Bruiser Mastino” in WCW

Now that Sting, the legendary icon of World Championship Wrestling, has finally gotten a run in World Wrestling Entertainment to cap off his career and is going to be headlining the company’s next pay-per-view in a title match, I thought I’d pull out some 22-year old footage of the Stinger wrestling one of WWE’s top stars before he was famous. After wrestling under a slew of failed gimmicks such as “The Christmas Creature”, Glenn Jacobs finally found his niche in 1997 when he was given the character of Kane, the half-brother of the Undertaker. In spite of being involved in some of the silliest wrestling storylines of all time, the Kane character is still going strong 18 years later. Anyway, in spite of being a WWE lifer, Glenn Jacobs did get a brief of coffee in WCW in 1993, taking on Sting in a match under the name “Bruiser Mastino”.

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