You got no business being out here.

Dinosaurs are the dominant species on Earth (since the asteroid missed and they lived on for millions of years). One day one of the dinos, named Arlo, discovers a human toddler that isn’t afraid of these creatures, and they adopt him as their pet.

I don’t know what it is, but something is keeping me from getting invested in The Good Dinosaur, the latest offering from Pixar. I think it may be the mix of cartoon-styled dinosaurs that talk with more realistic designs that don’t talk, which creates a bit of a dissonance in my mind. I love the realistic stuff in here, like the water and the snake, but the goofy, grinning brontosaurus just doesn’t look like it belongs in the same movie. Still, this looks pretty fun, and I’m sure I’ll see it at some point. Hopefully this brings back from Pixar magic before the studio descends into only making sequels for the next few years.

The Good Dinosaur comes out November 25, 2015.

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