Before They Were Stars: J.J. Abrams Writes “Gone Fishin'”

By the time you read this, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will probably have broken the all-time box office record. Not bad for a director who once co-wrote a comedy which earned the Leonard Maltin review: “This film really smells”. J.J. Abrams started out in Hollywood by writing some notable spec scripts under the name “Jeffrey Abrams”, including the James Belushi/Charles Grodin comedy, Taking Care of Business, the Harrison Ford drama, Regarding Henry, and the Mel Gibson time travel drama, Forever Young. However, nothing on Abrams’ filmography looks as out-of-place as his co-writing credit on Gone Fishin’, a 1997 slapstick comedy in which Danny Glover and Joe Pesci get into all sorts of wacky shenanigans on a fishing trip. I’ve never actually sat through this film, but the trailer for it looks SO bad!┬áMan, wouldn’t The Force Awakens have been so much better if the whole movie was Han and Chewie fishing?

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