Before They Were Stars: 14-Year Old Ben Affleck in “Hands of a Stranger”

Yesterday, I published a “Before They Were Stars”-themed article at and one of the entries on my list was Ben Affleck’s infamous after-school special from the early nineties in which he played a football player suffering massive roid rage. So today, I thought I’d delve further back and feature an early Ben Affleck role from when he was only 14 years old. Hands of a Stranger was a two-part made-for-TV movie from 1987 about a cop who seeks revenge for the rape of his wife. Four minutes into the movie, you’ll see young Affleck¬†as the couple’s teenage son. One particularly amusing detail here is how immediately after Affleck appears, a credit pops up onscreen for an art director named “Michael Bolton”. I’m sure he eventually became as bitter as the Michael Bolton from Office Space once the singer got famous.

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