Before They Were Stars: Sylvester Stallone in “No Place to Hide”

It’s time once again to do the traditional round of “Before They Were Stars” clips for this year’s Academy Award nominees. Amazingly, the favourite for this year’s “Best Supporting Actor” Oscar is probably Sylvester Stallone for his performance as Rocky Balboa in Creed. That’s quite the achievement, considering that Stallone garnered his only other Academy Award nomination 40 years ago while playing the same character, and that he also happens to have more Razzie nominations than anyone else in history. Anyway, after starting out his career by starring in a softcore porn film, Stallone’s first legitimate acting role was a 1970 drama called No Place to Hide, the story of a group of politically motivated students plan terrorist bombings of corrupt businesses in New York City. The film pretty much sunk into obscurity, but 17 years later, when Stallone was one of the biggest movie stars in the world, clips of him in No Place to Hide were dubbed over and assembled together with new footage into a Kung Pow: Enter the First-esque comedy titled A Man Called… Rainbo.

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