Before They Were Stars: Richard Griffiths as “Terrorist#3” in “Superman II”

In anticipation of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and our upcoming Shouts From the Back Row podcast about Superman, here’s a “Before They Were Stars” moment from one of the original¬†Superman movies. The late British character actor Richard Griffiths is best known for playing Uncle Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter movies, along with memorable roles in such films as The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear and Withnail and I. But one of his earliest screen appearances was his role of “Terrorist#3” in Superman II. Griffiths plays one of the French terrorists who takes over the Eiffel Tower at the beginning of the film and he’s actually the guy who accidentally pulls out the fuse on the hydrogen bomb before Superman flies it into space and lets it detonate. So in a way, Richard Griffiths is the one you can blame for causing General Zod to escape the Phantom Zone and invade the Earth.

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